REVIEW : Blabla Sandwich Baby Lotion (Dermatologist-tested)

by - November 15, 2016

Before I give you a review of the product, follow me as I give you a brief introduction on the brand. Blabla sell premium baby total care which becomes the best friend of baby skin. Premium total care product blabla babay is made by natural cotton handmade doll blabla with natural organic cotton moistirizing ingredients. Its protects silky and moist skin all day! This product manufacturer by COSON Co., Ltd.
This is one of the best baby lotion you can find in South Korea and formulated in South Korea.

See my disclaimer if you have any questions about my collaborations with brands- honest reviews were agreed upon before I accepted the products from 0.8L Indonesia.

Does anyone have experience using  sandwich baby lotion? This is my first experience using sandwich baby lotion  and I got a chance to try it from 0.8L Indonesia .
I was excited when I received a package from 0.8L Indonesia . I was excited when I opened said package. Yes, perhaps, but this is the first time something like this has happened to me, and I felt truly honoured to be the 3 editors receiving this product.

*I did not purchase this product, I was sent it directly from 0.8L Indonesia. This does not affect my review in any way. All of my reviews are non-sponsored, honest, personal opinions. 

But then first let me tell you what are baby lotion?

Baby lotion is often used to maintain the skin of infants and to provide a barrier to protect it. Emollient ingredients added to damp skin after a bath can lock in the natural moisture of the skin, and baby lotion in particular is typically marketed as an after bath product. Other uses for baby lotion include providing a barrier for diapered areas and relieving skin conditions that can occur in infants. (

This ultra-gentle hydrating lotion is formulated with natural cotton extracts to alleviate dryness, leaving your skin comfortable, healthy, and soft.
A low-irritant lotion that contains natural cotton to relieve dryness.
Contains natural cotton ingredient LOTION that relieves dryness without irritation 

90% natural surfactant

Breaking away from petroleum-based surfactant, this shampoo contains natural, vegetable-based cleansing ingredients that minimize scalp irritation while cleansing softly and mildly. 

5-layer moisture care with CottonMoistComplex™!
[Contains organic cotton extract]
CottonMoistComplex™ is BlaBla's unique technology, which moisturizes dry baby skin and help improve skin barrier. 

By using method of lecithin construction, it dermotropically helps moisturizing to skin last longer and 9-no additives, safe formula.
It does not contain 9 harmful ingredients; 

Manufacturer : COSON Co., Ltd. (40-20 Gajangsaneopseobuk-ro, Osan si Gyeonggi-do Korea)
Country REGION : Republic of Korea
Volume : 240 ml / 8.11 fl.oz.
Major Ingredients : Original Cotton extract (Blablababy Proprietary Technology)
Brand : Blabla Baby
Price : 22,400원 / Rp. 260.000,-

Official website :

Product Description :
  • Mild lotion with natural cotton ingreadient to enchance dryness
  • Nature derived 90% of natural ingredients to give gentle use on baby
  • Lecithin emulsification proses with skin friendly keeps moisturizing the skin
  • Cotton moist complex gives quintuplex moisture care
  • 10 no addition safe formula for new born baby and sensitive skin
  • Skin irritation tested

How to use:
After bath or when feeling dry, apply and message nto face or body
Apply onto sensitive but while changing diapers
Mix with baby cream when very dry for higer effect
For baby to adult family use
*nature ingredients, store in cool place

1.      If you have nay symptoms described below when using this product, stop using the product. If you keep using it, symptoms my get worse, therefore, consult with dermatologist.
1.       If red blotch, skin irritation , and stimulation occur.
2.       If applied spots have ay symptoms mentined above and are expose and are exposed to direct sunlight
2.       Do not use on spots with injury , eczema, or dermatitis
3.       Instructions for storage ad handling
1.       Close the cap after use
2.       Keep out of reach of infants and children
3.       Do not store in a place with high and low temperature and direct sunlight
4.       Do not use the product in a shaky place
5.       If it contact with eyes, rise with running water immediately

First Impressions:
Wow, I like the smeel so awesome, I like the product when I apply it and wow... When I apply to skin it moisturized skin so well. The smell is lovely, Not too perfumy which is good for baby skin. Love it!  It's very lightweight and silky, absorbing easily. Seriously, my skin just drank this up and sighed happily, like it just had a sip of a well-made cup of tea. Like the Perfect Gel, I feel like this helped my skin to better retain moisture so that I wouldn't get that uncom fortable tight feeling, or overly oily (both signs of dehydrated skin) quite so soon in the day.

Thoughts and results so far :
I literally exclaimed OH. MY. GOD. It was sooooooo soft. (I just gave birth. My baby reminded me what soft smooth skin feels like) Like baby soft. I checked it out and the skin so Moisture. It gets easily absorbed by the skin and thus not a thick lotion. 

 Packaging is simple and neat.
 Affordable price
 Make my skin so soft. I LIKE IT!!! ^^
 Helped  skin to better retain moisture. Moisturizes the baby’s skin really well.
❤ The baby lotion smells awesome. I just feel like a baby when I feel this lotion on me.
❤ It gets easily absorbed by the skin and thus not a thick lotion.

CON : 
 Price too much 
❤ This is completely meant for babies and definitely not for elders with dry skin like mine.

SROCE : 4 /5 ❤❤❤❤

Thank you again to Blabababy and 0.8L indonesia for letting me test out this product.
I’d like to say a huge thank you to Blablababy for introducing me to such a brilliant staple product – top marks!

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