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Hello.. Before I give you a review of the product, follow me as I give you a brief introduction on the brand

Who is LT PRO?
In this modern era women are required to always look flawless. LT Pro so understand women. First created in 2006 as a decorative make-up products for professional makeup artists, LT Pro managed to prove to the people that make up the perfect can be obtained anyone with the right products. In 2009, PT Rembaka decided to introduce LT Pro in the general population. Over time, LT PRO not only believable makeup experts, but also the leading designers in Indonesia. LT PRO has a lot of support major fashion events in Indonesia such as Jakarta Fashion Week 2009, Surabaya Fashion Parade, Hong Kong Fashion Week 2013, and many more. LT PRO also have obtained halal certification from the Indonesian Ulema Council in 2009 so that LT Pro can be expanded into other Southeast Asian countries, particularly Brunei Darussalam. 

See my disclaimer if you have any questions about my collaborations with brands- honest reviews were agreed upon before I accepted the products from YUKCOBA.IN

To say I was excited when I received a package from, is of course true. To say I was excited when I opened said package, I was literally squealing and maybe peed a little, I even called my mum…is it really lame that I get that excitable about a mate lip cream?! Yes, perhaps, but this is the first time something like this has happened to me, and I felt truly honoured to be editors receiving this product.

*I did not purchase this product, I was sent it directly from This does not affect my review in any way. All of my reviews are non-sponsored, honest, personal opinions. See my disclaimer or email me for more information

PRODUCT : LT Pro Longlating Matte Lip Cream 05
MANUFACTURED : PT. Rembaka, Sidoharjo - Indonesia
VOLUME : 8 ml/0,27 fl.oz
PRICE : Rp. 95.000

I really like it because the packaging is very very simple. I love the value of A. With transparent square tube, and a silver lid. We can easily see the color of lipstick. Plus kinds of plastic packaging, including sturdy, so it looks luxurious lipstick packaging.

For the handle, size is not too long and not too short. easy to grip (?). there are many products have a long handle. I think less than comfortable just because it makes us less steady hand when applying.

Its texture is something like NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream, which is more like a mousse. Those who are confused as to what mousse texture, you can imagine the result of the egg whites in the mixer. Yes, roughly similar.

I really like the texture due to not sticky and very mild to the taste does not wear lipstick. To apply, I always wear a lip balm first, so this lipstick did not make my lips feel dry.

For you who are sensitive to smells weird makeup products, quiet, this product smells good! Something like chewing gum. But, please note, this product is not to be eaten.

This 5 medium mauve color pink but no coral its tone. If in my lips the results tend to coral pink. Type color so I think can go into all the skintone, because is not too cool or warm, but it's also no color is too bold or pale, so very wearable, and can be used day or night.

Because the end result really matte lipstick is not transfer / stuck to the glass when I drink. That's good value. Because lipstick is really stuck, can guess right what its durability? Durability is good as long as.

For local products, the price is quite expensive, around Rp 95.000,00. But Overall, I love this lipstick the same die, hahahahak. But, for this color only because of the color of the other less suitable for my brown skin. I hope, because the more you love with this lipstick, LT Pro so adding other colors more! ;)



One of the tips on how to wear it on my lipstick is not too much rubbing their products to the lips. Pretty little problem, is enough for covering the original color of the lips, and it was also more comfortable on the lips.
Why should not a lot? if too much lipstick is the dryness will Chalky, striped, and does not look flat. Especially after use drink or snack, there are some parts that peeling-peeling, instead look bad and not durable. So if you want to use this lipstick, mengulasnya do not rush, so not too corpulent and nice lips stuck.

After about 5 minutes, I flush my hands under running water. The result? LT Pro still stay in place. Even not changed at all!

After flushing of the water, I tried rubbing my hands with a tissue slowly. I stroked three times. And again I applaud * prok prok * LT Pro just fade slightly, very little actually, but the color is really plasticity.

Fix, this will be my holy grail lipcream. Already cheap, staying power's brilliant. Do not lose the same brand USA costly. I personally use very satisfied! So sista who is still upset would like to buy this or not, I'm just saying, Hurry BUY! IF NOT GOING TO REGRET SWEAR!

- Cheap, only 95,000
- really Pigmented Only once immediately shut topical lip color
- Easy to get. I think everywhere there ya. Because it's a local product.
- Hold for hours. Hold dipake meal (yes origin is still normal eating, eat pretty)
- The contents are so many!
- Not make dry lips. unlike some matte lipstick long lasting liquid other, which when removed, it feels parched lips, even until the peeling-peeling. LT pro is quite moist. I did not feel I was sore or dry lips. But the reaction in each lipstick dry lips disparate well, if I do not make in the dry.
- She smelled good. Like bubble gum so. It felt want licked J

-So far have not found, possible color choices are still a little bit? I want a nude color brown so anyway.

Score: 4.8 / 5.0


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