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open website fancafe Konncet Kangdaniel link

fill the blank form :

Choose 외국인회원 (foreigner) 
이름: write your name
여권번호: write your passport number and tick the box below 
Choose 중복확인 to checked if it has been used

아이디: choose an ID (read ⚠️ part below) then click 중복확인 to see if someone has chosen that nickname 
비밀번호: write your password (read ⚠️ part below) 
Choose 닫기 then rewrite the password in the 비밀번호 확인 box
국적: Choose your country (don't worry it's in English ^ ^)

⚠️ ID
* Do not use any special characters
* Do not use all numbers or start with a number
⚠️ Password
* Length: between 4 to 16 characters
* Do not use any special characters

이메일: write your emaiㅣ
이메일 선택: choose the type of email you use (Naver, Daum, Gmail, Yahoo,...) then choose 중복확인 to check if the email address has been registered
병명: choose a nickname (read ⚠️ part below)
Choose 가입하기 to sign up

⚠️ Nickname
* Length: under 6 characters in Korean or 10 characters in English
* Do not use any special characters
* Do not use any nicknames that can be mistaken as the artist
* Do not use any nicknames related to other artists and fandoms

Choose 완료 to complete your registration

Congrates!!! You register as fancafe member 

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