by - November 06, 2019

It all started with of course ... 💕 Super Junior. began when watching the drama asia 18 VS 29 in one tv station. While watching the drama I saw a figure that is so interesting. see figure Kang Bong Man (Choi Si Won) is so cute and charming looks ... hahaha ..  😀 then immediately I started looking for information about Siwon who turns is one member of Korean boy band on the rise. Having watched constantly turns Super Junior was cool, good sound, good to hear the song, the members also handsome Super Junior especially Choi Si Won .. He looks so cute smile , absolutely lethal ... the sweetness of sugar beat .. hahaha …. Style of music owned by Super Junior is very good..  Since then, I started liking or LOVING Super Junior. Start looking for videos of base stations on various websites for me download and then I repeat it every day ... .. looking for news and pictures about SUPER JUNIOR on various websites to be able to follow all the news updates about SUPER JUNIOR and I follow all accounts associated with good SUPER JUNIOR on twitter, facebook, the official website of SUPER JUNIOR and others. I also started collecting Reviews their CDs, posters and T-shirts. I was an avid fan of them. All in all. SUPER JUNIOR has given me the best and worst memories of my life. I always have something to look back and smile roomates I do now. Everyday,  I make new memories with SUPER JUNIOR and even though I can not share my full story with you all. I hope we can all be a BIG happy family with SUPER JUNIOR. SUPER JUNIOR has taught me so many things and values that I would have never learned on my own and I am forever grateful for SUPER JUNIOR. I will cherish SUPER JUNIOR till im old and gray and underground. I consider myself as a true one ELF. I even got the chance to watch Reviews their live concert and I was so thankful for that. Up to now, I do not regret about being an ELF  myself and I will be forever. I LOVE YOU SUPER JUNIOR and Happy 14th Anniversary. ^^

Always hold your sapphire blue balloons high and be proud of being an "Ever Lasting Friend" 😊

I love you Super Junior and ELF always together, 14th, 20th, 50th, Even forever we will be together. 😘

 14년이지나도 우린~
 슈퍼주니어 데뷔14주년 .. 감사합니다 사랑합니다
슈퍼주니어 데뷔14주년

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