Kose Je L'aime Secret Des Bois Shiny Repair Non-Silicon Shampoo

by - January 20, 2017

Kose Je L'aime Secret Des Bois Shiny Repair Non-Silicon Shampoo 
This is one of the best shampoo you can find in Japan and formulated in Japan.
See my disclaimer if you have any questions about my collaborations with brands- honest reviews were agreed upon before I accepted the products from Monipla.
Does anyone have experience using  Kose Je L'aime Secret Des Bois Shiny Repair Non-Silicon Shampoo  ? This is my first experience Je L'aime Secret Des Bois and I got a chance to try it from Monipla X Kose  .
I was excited when I received a package from  Monipla . I was excited when I opened said package. Yes, perhaps, but this is the first time something like this has happened to me, and I felt truly honoured to be the 3 editors receiving this product.

*I did not purchase this product, I was sent it directly from 0.8L Indonesia. This does not affect my review in any way. All of my reviews are non-sponsored, honest, personal opinions. 

But then first let me tell you what are Bois Shiny Repair Non-Silicon Shampoo  ?
A repairing shampoo that gives shine to hair. Mildly acidic, non-silicon, does not contain SLS, artificial color, alcohol, mineral oil, and animal derived ingredients. Made in Japan.

Je L'aime Secret Des Bois Shiny Repair Non-Silicon Shampoo
Je l'aime series shampoo with flower extract the essence of the deep infiltration hair core, with natural fruit extracts and flower extracts nutrients, replace silicon to nourish hair, let the hair to absorb nutrients purest state, so that the essence of fully soaked deep into the hair, really clean while reducing the burden on the scalp, allowing hair to reproduce healthy glow, and richer sense of light and air.

For different hair care needs, were three different series products, including shampoo, conditioner and hair repair products. 
Je l'aime series does not use any animal material, mild acidic, does not contain mineral oil, sodium sulfate, alcohol. 
With natural amino acids, repair hair from the roots of rebuilding the defense and resist UV damage, the full reach deep moisture, repair and lock the three color effects, improving hair bleaching, while repairing damaged hair.

Mild acidic, non-silicon, no SLS, no artificial color, no alcohol, no mineral oil, no animal derived ingredients.
Moisturizing Effect: Contains 3 types of red fruits, cypress water, 3 types of plant root extracts, PG
Repairing Effect: Contains highly penetrative natural amino acid derivatives, hyaluronic acid, for high performance hair repair. 
Made in Japan.

Item Type : Shampoo
Gender : Female
Brand Name : Japanese Hot Brand
NET WT : 500 ml
Ingredient : shampoo
Used for : Haircare
Suit for : dry hair
Model Number : Secret des bois

* Description *
A silicon-free hair care series with the use of natural scent, it contains natural amino acid derivatives, high performance hyaluronic acid (HA) for hair nourishment and repair. 
With "secret forest" scent in citrus top note, floral middle note, and woody end note.

PACKAGING :  I really like the packaging WITH SECRET DES JE L'AIME FRUIT. For a review of her shampoo, ON Part hearts bottles are pictures of flowers and peaches and is the dominant color of pink ON bottle.

I  really LIKE Japan product BECAUSE products quality is not in doubt Longer Need to review the problem of beauty.

" Helping Caring for color and moisture Hair Conditioner Make Smooth And Soft".

+ Silicon FREE

+ Beautiful Packaging
+ Long-lasting fragrance!
+ Made in Japan.
+ Has perfume effect for your hair
+ Soften hair

+ Moisturizing Hair

SROCE : 4 /5 ❤❤❤❤

Thank you again to Kose y and Monipla for letting me test out this product.
I’d like to say a huge thank you to Kose for introducing me to such a brilliant staple product – top marks!

Thanks for reading!!

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